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  Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to learn a little bit about us. Moongazer Incorporated was formed in 1998 to bring quality products, educational information, and pet dog training to the astute owner. If you have a moment to read, we would like to share some of the tenets of our business model.

  • Seek out the most innovative, effective, and safe products and bring them to the marketplace.
    Many products are never carried by national retail chains due to reasons other than being the best product in their respective category. Generally, products are carried by the larger chains based on profit margins, marketability, and external business alliances. This process generally disqualifies the smaller vendors who cannot afford extravagant sales presentations, but still have excellent products.

  • Leverage the e-commerce business model in order to sell superior products at "mass market" prices.
    The e-commerce business model has generally been utilized to increase the profit margins of sales by removing costs such as storefronts, sales staff, and intermediate management. Instead, we at Moongazer chose to offer products which may cost us more than the popular pet brands, but are superior to their storefront counterparts. Yet, we offer the consumer these products at prices normally seen in the pet store for lower quality merchadise.

  • Offer a user friendly web site and superb customer service.
    At, we are a small company and as a result, there are real people on the other end who are willing to help. We have written all of our web site software "in house", maintain a knowledgable staff, and will stand behind our products and services.

  • Only purchase products from responsible vendors.
    We refuse to purchase any product that is meant to cause an animal pain under any circumstance. We feel that complete economic protest is an effective method to halt the production of products that harm pets.

  • Support charitable animal organizations.
    The idea of was born at a meeting for the Midwest Akita Rescue Society and those roots remain with us. Our executive board collectively owned six rescue Akitas (one from which the name Moongazer was derived -- she has since passed) and have regularly fostered rescue Akitas who will guarantee that the initial spirit of Moongazer remains intact.

    We are very proud of our strategy and want to share some of what we think distinguishes us from the rest of the industry. Happy Training!

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